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Making new furniture or replacing the old one is always a hectic task and requires alot of consideration. So, one must decide the budget, design, and, most importantly, which type of wood is best. 

Plus, you also need to have have basic knowledge about the characteristics of different types of wood to choose the best one among them. Well, there are many options available in the market from which you can select which is most suitable for you, or you can get help from a carpenter

Teak is undoubtedly the best type of wood for home or office furniture. The characteristics which make it most suitable are its durability and fireproof properties. If the wood is polished, it becomes highly lustrous. It is damage and decay-resistant. 

Maple is another suitable type of wood for handcrafted wood furniture purposes. It has different types, and each type is characterized by its unique pattern.  Furniture crafted with maple is beautiful and long-lasting. This wood type has alot of other purposes, too, like in kitchen crockery because it is non-toxic. 

This type is one of the oldest wood varieties used to create furniture. It is lightweight compared to others and durable even if placed in water. That is the reason Mahogany woodworking stores are comparatively costly. Its color is different from other traditional woods and appears reddish brown. 

If you want to give your furniture a rich look, you should opt for cherry woodwork furniture. This is the most rigid type of wood and can resist scratches. That’s why it is very best for furniture purposes. It can be used to make doors, windows, or other furniture.

Choosing the best wood for your home furniture

may seem to be a daunting task. But now, you don’t need to fret, as Extreme Wood Works is here to help you with the best services when it comes to finding the top-notch handcrafted wood that is best suitable for your fantasy home.

Give their services a shot, and let the magic happen to your place right away! 

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