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Our Story

Extreme Wood Works started in 2006 by the hand of its founder, Sr. Indalecio. With a lot of effort and dedication, with a team of professionals who later became a family, the carpentry began to grow more and more, serving the largest and most recognized brands in the United States. All of which provided Extreme Wood Works, 15 years of experience in custom design for the retail industry. 


Extreme Wood Works Becomes a company recognized for its fine art in wood. Our purpose is to continue making the best wood furniture and to expand to all areas where custom wood furniture is needed in the State of Florida.

Our Beginnings

Jun, 2006 

Extreme Wood Works signed a contract to remodel this space and convert it into a Carpentry

Augost, 2006

 In the progress of which would be the new local.


And with the opening, our first and most valuable clients arrived.


The team began to grow.


9 years later the team becomes a family!


Extreme Wood Works Becomes a company recognized for its fine art in wood.


They do a great job! I’ve seen their work and it’s phenomenal. It’s a family owned business so you won’t be disappointed because they are always there for you and your needs. Very professional business.

Jen Sebastiani

They designed and installed some spectacular displays for my store that enhance the products I offer; visitors are impressed. The quality of their service is excellent, they are very kind, and they understood the specific needs of my business. The price was also very reasonable. I highly recommend them.

Victor Gonzalez

Martha and the crew at Extreme Woodworks are the best! The quality of their fixtures is only surpassed by the quality of their customer service.

Chris Masson

Do you have a project in mind? Write  us and we will going to help you!