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Our Advantages

Meticulous attention to detail

Twelve years of experience in the industry

High quality finishes and durability

Experienced designers, craftsmen, installers and the best customer service

We work with the strictest international standards such as UL, CE, ISO 9001, etc.

Professional assistance before, during and after your orders







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How We Do it


The most beautiful and functional designs to make your brand shine


Expert craftsmen, state-of-the-art machines, strict standards and excellent materials to produce furniture with the best finishes on the market.


We pack all parts very carefully to ensure no denting


We ship on time, in an organized and safe manner to ensure you receive your order quickly and smoothly


Our experienced installers guarantee that you will get a beautiful end result.

Guarantee 1 year 

With our repair service we can bring each piece of furniture to its original state in the event of a breakdown.


Our help is important for people in Honduras who are homeless, victims of natural disasters. Be part of this movement by helping today!

+1 (305) 463 8614

Martha and the crew at Extreme Woodworks are the best! The quality of their fixtures is only surpassed by the quality of their customer service.

Chriss Masson

Extreme Woodworks were very professional! It is a family owned business so the attention & service you receive is high quality. They are passionate and experts at what they do. We had a custom kitchen & closet done by them. We recommend them 100% great work & thanks again we love it!


Elizabeth Garcia


They do a great job! I’ve seen their work and it’s phenomenal. It’s a family owned business so you won’t be disappointed because they are always there for you and your needs. Very professional business.


Jen Sebastiani


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